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Piezotome in Rhinoplasty

The piezotome is a small powered device used in rhinoplasty to cut and shape the bone. Adopted by Dr Jumeau for every case requiring bony nasal work since 2016, the piezotome elevates the precision and finesse of surgical outcomes.

Dr Jumeau discusses Piezotome

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Advantages of Piezotome

The Piezotome comes equipped with various attachments, enabling a range of actions, including:

  • Drilling
  • Cutting
  • Polishing/Shaping

This versatility allows for a tailored approach to each rhinoplasty procedure, ensuring accuracy in meeting the bone structure’s specific needs.

One of the piezotome’s significant benefits is its capability to irrigate the operation site with chilled water. This process not only cools the bone during surgery but also clears away bone dust, minimising the risk of inflammation or infection. Furthermore, the piezotome’s oscillating action is designed to preserve surrounding soft tissues, protecting them from mechanical and heat trauma that can occur with more traditional tools.

Beyond traditional techniques

The use of the piezotome in rhinoplasty represents a leap beyond the capabilities of traditional rasps and bone chisels.

While the Piezotome has been a staple in international rhinoplasty, particularly in Europe, for many years, its adoption in Australia has been more gradual. However, in recent years, its benefits have become increasingly recognised, leading to a significant uptick in its use among Australian surgeons specialising in rhinoplasty.

Dr Jumeau’s early adoption and continued use of the piezotome underscore his commitment to employing advanced techniques to benefit his patients.

Piezotome Device