Video 1

The entire septal cartilage removed as a single piece illustrating the abnormal intrinsic twist resulting in nasal blockage and affecting the external appearance. The portions of cartilage and thin bony plate are demonstrated. This will be reconstructed, reinforced and reinserted (extra-corporeal septoplasty).

Video 2

Short highlight clip outlining the final stages of rib cartilage harvesting for nasal reconstruction. This process normally takes about 30 minutes and as you can see results in quite a large portion of cartilage than can be used for grafts in the nose. The incision is only 15-30mm in size depending mostly on chest wall thickness. The patient in the video is a man with a thick chest wall and yet a small 20mm incision is still expected.

Image 1

Sutured 20mm incision after rib cartilage harvest. Very inconspicuous scar results.
Sutured 20mm incision after rib cartilage harvest

Image 2

Almost 60mm of cartilage in this case is more than enough for addressing all the elements necessary in total nasal reconstruction.