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Dr Philip Jumeau
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Dr Philip Jumeau MBBS (Hons) FRACS is an Australian trained and qualified Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT), Head and Neck Surgeon. Dr Jumeau was born and schooled in Victoria and went on to study medicine at Monash University, graduating with honours in 1996. He went on to train in ENT surgery, rotating through many hospitals during his advanced training: The Royal Children’s Hospital, Royal Hobart Hospital, Austin and Repatriation Hospital, Western General Hospital, The Alfred Hospital and Monash Health. He qualified as a fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons as an ENT, Head and Neck Surgeon in 2005.

Dr Jumeau is also a full member of:

  • The Australian Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery (AAFPS)
  • The Rhinoplasty Society (USA)
  • The Rhinoplasty Society of Europe

Dr Jumeau’s practice focuses on complex nasal reconstruction, often following previous surgery or significant trauma. He has experience with nasal reconstruction in athletes (NRL, Basketball, Netball, MMA/UFC, Boxing, national swimmers, and track). Total structural loss, septal perforations, significant external deformity and dramatic functional airway compromise all fall under his scope of practice. He has performed over 350 costal cartilage rhinoplasties.

A large part of his practice is also cosmetic rhinoplasty (female and male of all ages). Dr Jumeau is also interested in and enjoys primary surgery (those who have not had nose surgery before) and takes his standard very meticulous approach to these. He teaches and operates publically at the Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital. He is very active academically in rhinoplasty, attending and presenting at national and international conferences, webinars and courses.

Dr Jumeau worked in both public and private practice in ENT, Head and Neck Surgery for 14 years in Cairns, North Queensland as the region’s primary provider of ENT services. This strong background in rural generalist ENT surgery garnered excellent experience in otology (ear), rhinology (nasal airway and sinus surgery) and paediatric ENT surgery.

For seven years between 2014 and 2020, Dr Jumeau had an official consultant appointment at Monash Health (Victoria), where he would work and teach in the field of rhinoplasty. This provided the professional stimulation of working in a large tertiary surgical unit, maintained strong links to his peers, academic upkeep and the enjoyment of being involved in teaching advanced ENT surgical trainees.

From 2018 to 2021, Dr Jumeau worked closely with Professor Anthony Holmes (Craniofacial Surgeon, Royal Children’s Hospital), with whom he shares a passion and structural philosophy for rhinoplasty/complex nasal reconstruction. The opportunity to work full-time with Professor Holmes in the office and operating room was a major factor in Dr Jumeau’s decision to relocate back to Melbourne from Queensland.

Over the years, Dr Jumeau has done quite a bit of remote Australian and international ENT service work for the Pacific Islands Project through the College of Surgeons and AusAID. These trips have been to Micronesia and several visits to the Solomons as well as many years of work and over two dozen week-long visits to Weipa, Cooktown and Thursday Island up in Cape York through Queensland Health. Through these visits and his main base in Far North Queensland, Dr Jumeau has good ENT experience in Indigenous Australian health. Dr Jumeau has also made several health aide visits to Seychelles at the request of their Minister of Health over the years.

Dr Jumeau has a farm in the Yarra Valley where he and his family spend much of their time. His interests include all things farming, construction and earthworks. He is an active competitive mountain biker and enjoys fitness, snow sports, food and travel. Over his life has been involved in motorcycle and car restoration projects.


Global Rhinoplasty Masters. Berlin 2023

The Underprojected Tip (and session chairperson)

Faculty Australasian Society Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery AGM (ASOHNS) 2023. Brisbane

The L-Strut and demonstrator pre-conference workshop

Australian Academy Facial Plastic Surgery (AAFPS) Webinar 2023

The Large Nose

Sydney Rhinoplasty Dissection Course (St Vincents) 2023

Lecturer and demonstrator

ASOHNS 2021 Webinar Presentation (Covid restrictions)

Sydney Rhinoplasty Dissection Course 2019-2024



2022 – The Skin Soft Tissue Envelope

AAFPS Rhinoplasty Symposium 2022

Faculty (and Demonstrator pre-conference workshop)

AAFPS Rhinoplasty Symposium 2019


Multiple Annual formal lectures to Advanced Surgical Trainees since 2016


The Rhinoplasty Society

New Orleans USA 2018

American Academy Facial Plastic Surgery

Chicago USA 2016

Rhinoplasty Society of Europe: Global Rhinoplasty Masters

Versailles Paris France 2018

Rhinoplasty Society of Europe: Turkey 2019

Structure and Preservation Rhinoplasty

Preservation Rhinoplasty Conference

Nice, France 2020