Cosmetic & Functional Rhinoplasty Surgeon, Ear Nose, Throat, Head & Neck Surgeon

Image morphing

At your initial consultation with me, I will take photos of your nose and face from different angles. In many instances, I then morph (Alter) these images with specific software to encompass the aesthetic changes we wish to make to your nose. When constructing these images, I take into consideration what you like and dislike about your nose, what I think would look good and in balance with your face, what I think is needed to achieve a good airway and what I think is realistic in light of your tissues/ skin type and how much trauma/ surgery your nose has previously gone through.

My goal is always to strive for a beautiful (or handsome) natural-looking nose that does not look like you’ve had surgery. Beauty is largely attributable to the eyes, facial symmetry and mouth. A great nose doesn’t make you beautiful, but some noses (e.g. crooked) have features that draw attention away from your face, eyes and mouth and can be considered unattractive. I strive to create a nose that is proportionate and in harmony with your face. Not every nose suits every face. In addition to this, it is rarely the case that just one feature of a nose (e.g. Hump) can be altered without impacting the look of other areas. A nose with a decent hump will have a different-looking tip to one without a hump. Just reducing the hump alone will often make it look out of balance and the tip (and lobule/ columella below this) regularly needs adjusting to look in balance/ unaltered.

The nasal airway to me is critical. Many of my patients have a poor nasal airway and need it corrected just as much as they need the appearance of the nose addressed. Reconstructing the difficult nasal airway is an area I have significant experience and interest in. For many people, rhinoplasty surgery (to make their nose look better) can result in a poor nasal airway, even when the airway was fine before. This does not need to happen. People who can breathe through their nose don’t often consider how problematic life can be when you have a chronically blocked nose and how it can impact on sleep/ snoring, exercise, tooth disease etc. You only do so many things with your nose: Breathe through it, smell, put glasses on it and look at it. Don’t let achieving the latter compromise some of its important functions.

An important note.

Photo morphing is an educational tool to help YOU know what I have in mind and is realistic, after our discussions, and for ME to know that what I have in mind is to your liking and understanding. It is to make sure we are on the same page. We need to have a very frank discussion about these goals prior to surgery as it’s too late after. The morph consult provides a good platform for this. The morphed images are not guarantees of a particular result, but they help me establish a surgical plan that you are in agreement with. This plan may change somewhat in the operating room (E.G. unexpected significant scarring from previous surgery, less cartilage than expected for grafting) but having clear pre-op goals in experienced hands helps achieve the best possible results. Debating over a millimetre here or there on the morphed image is not as relevant as shapes/ features and angles that you are happy with. You will usually receive a digital copy of your images with a summary of planned changes.

Having a family member or friend along for all your rhinoplasty consultations is strongly encouraged and can be especially helpful during the morphing consult.

Dr Philip Jumeau

February 12, 2021