“I had 2 previous nose operations and my nose was more blocked than when I started. It had been weakened and started to droop at the tip. I had Dr Jumeau as my surgeon through Monash Hospital. In clinic before he was very thorough, easy to talk to and came across very experienced. My surgery went so well I could not be happier. My breathing has been amazing since the first week and I am so pleased with how it looks. Dr Jumeau saw me personally for every visit and even saw me once, at no charge, in his private office even though I was a public patient. It was very important to him that it all went smoothly and he held my hand through the whole process.”​

Ms AW 41F


“My fourth rhinoplasty and I am confident the last I’ll need after Dr Jumeau’s great work. A lovely man, great communicator and the best surgeon I have ever

Mrs AM 36F


“I had my nose hump removed and tip balanced up to give me a lovely natural-looking nose. The whole process was far easier than I was expecting from researching the experiences of others. Dr Jumeau supported me through every tiny issue and I felt comfortable and safe the whole time.”

Mrs NM 39F


“I had a rhinoplasty 20 years ago which I was happy with but then broke my nose in a car accident. My nose was squashed and looked terrible. I saw Dr Jumeau who totally rebuilt my nose with rib cartilage. The operation took 5 hours and my full recovery took several months but this had all been explained to me and I felt in the best hands throughout. My nose looks and breathes better than it ever did.”

Mrs SR 50F


“I had a rib cartilage rhinoplasty as a public patient with Dr Jumeau just like I had seen on TV. I felt so lucky after my first meeting with him in clinic as he was a great listener and sounded very experienced (and I had looked him up!). The whole process went smoothly and I can now breathe and have had my flat nose built up which I’m so happy with.”

Miss PN 24F


“I was always keen to have my nasal hump reduced that I had inherited from my mum. Both my parents were totally against me having surgery and my mum only came to the consultation to make sure I didn’t sign up for anything. Dr Jumeau has a very open and friendly approach. No gimmicks. He found my septum was twisted too. My mum was very impressed and after my dad came to the second meeting we were all confident in booking the surgery. I was so excited to have my nose corrected and Dr Jumeau looked after me throughout. At every visit I only saw him. He removed my cast and every stitch, explained every detail and called me once on a weekend just to see how I was. My nose looks so good. I can breathe better than I thought possible. I’m so happy.”

Miss RR 21F


“My nose had been broken many times. Philip says it as it is. Everything needed fixing. He took some rib cartilage and reset all my nasal bones. Came up A1. Even my sleep apnoea has improved. Thanks Phil.”

Mr FT 61M


“I was really unhappy with my nose immediately after a previous rhinoplasty. My left nostril was totally blocked and my tip uneven and upturned. I was very nervous that more surgery would make it even worse. After meeting Dr Jumeau I was confident in proceeding but had to wait nearly a year before he could revise it all. The wait was worth it. Great natural result. He fully explained what to expect and has such a kind, caring approach. Thank you Dr Jumeau.”

Mrs MS 34F


“I am naturally a very anxious person. I had an operation to unblock my nose in my 20s that did work but my nose had started to collapse. I really didn’t want surgery but had no other options. After meeting Philip I felt I was in good hands but it still took me 2 years to have my operation. He went over everything and altered my photos so I was comfortable with my potential ‘Look’. It required rib cartilage which worried me. I needn’t have stressed so much. All went as he explained. He was so genuinely caring and supportive. He called me twice at home while I was recovering. He saw me himself on a Saturday morning to check my cast as I was anxious it was too tight. It was all fine. My nose now looks really nice. It suits me and my breathing, it’s better than it’s ever been. Thanks Philip. Your reputation is well deserved. Cairns is lucky to have you.”

Mrs JR 40F